2021 Creative Fusion Video Series




Son de la Negra
arranged by Anastasia Sonaranda

(June 8, 2021)

The Creative Fusion video series opens with “Son de la Negra”, the first of four works created by Anastasia Sonaranda, each representing different regions of Mexico, styles of music, and approaches to performing. This arrangement for voices, guitar quartet, vihuela, and guitarrón is representative of a “son jalisciense” work.

Ojos de Ensueño
arranged by Hermelindo Ruiz

(June 11, 2021)

“Ojos de ensueño” is a work by Puerto Rican composer Juan F. Acosta. Puerto Rican native Hermelindo Ruiz has championed the music of Acosta, including this arrangement for guitar and string quartet. This project is the first of three collaborations with The Cleveland Orchestra for the 2021 Creative Fusion video series.

Cuyahoga Weeping
composed by Anastasia Sonaranda

(June 15, 2021)

“Cuyahoga Weeping” is an original work in the “son huasteco” style. This collaboration features a score for solo guitar composed and performed by Anastasia Sonaranda, with choreography and dance by Mexican artist Susana Weingarten Evert (who now lives in Cleveland). Many of Anastasia’s original works are inspired by nature. She was moved by the name and story of the Cuyahoga River, as reflected in this composition.

A Dark Winter in a Lost Year
composed by Thomas Flippin

(June 18, 2021)

“A Dark Winter in a Lost Year” was written in response to events that shaped the past year, reflecting the weight of the pandemic, the racial injustice of George Floyd’s murder, and the disruption of education due to remote learning. The composition features recordings and narration of text from Americans impacted by COVID-19, collected by composer Thomas Flippin.


La Llorona
arranged by Anastasia Sonaranda & Rodrigo Lara Alonso

(June 22, 2021)

This arrangement by Anastasia Sonaranda of “La Llorona” was written as a “son istmeño” work. It is by far the most ambitious project in scale of the Creative Fusion video series, with over one hundred participants from Cleveland and Mexico (ranging in age from six through adult). Irma Pineda Santiago (Mexico) is a representative of indigenous culture to the United Nations. For this collaboration, she has written the poem “Gunaa runna’” (in the Zapoteco language) on the figure of La Llorona. Verses are sung by guest artist Martha Toledo Mar.

To Soar Beyond
composed by Hermelindo Ruiz

(June 25, 2021)

“To Soar Beyond” is an original composition by Hermelindo Ruiz for guitar and string quintet. It draws inspiration from the Puerto Rican Danza (one of the most important musical genres of Puerto Rico). This piece reflects the composer’s thoughts on how music can provide solace in difficult times, bringing hope for an end to the pandemic. This project is the last of three collaborations created in partnership with The Cleveland Orchestra for the Creative Fusion video series.


The Covenant:
Passacaglia for Minneapolis
composed by Thomas Flippin

(July 30, 2021)

“The Covenant: Passacaglia for Minneapolis” is an original composition by Thomas Flippin. This powerful work recounts WWI veteran Arthur Lee, who as a Black American was told he could not live in his home because the neighborhood had a Restrictive Racial Covenant. A daily mob of up to 4,000 people assembled outside his home that summer. Through the turbulent times, Lee was supported by friends of all races, who stood by and watched over his family’s house day after day.


Music for Interaction:
Based on “En Mi Viejo San Juan”
composed by Hermelindo Ruiz

(August 3, 2021)

“Music for Interaction: Based on ‘En Mi Viejo San Juan’” was composed by Hermelindo Ruiz for students in the CCGS Education Program, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the founding of San Juan. This work features improvisation and storytelling, calling on both parents and students who moved from Puerto Rico to Cleveland to share their experiences. The score is based on “En Mi Viejo San Juan” by Puerto Rican composer Noel Estrada, an homage to the shared cultural roots of all of the performers.

El Cascabel
arranged by Anastasia Sonaranda

(August 6, 2021)

This arrangement by Anastasia Sonaranda of “El Cascabel” is an example of a “son jorocho” work. It features an unusual convergence of musical instruments and styles that, while very different, display similar characteristics. The piece includes improvisation from all of the performers, showcasing the unique instruments and creativity of each of the four artists. “El Cascabel” serves as the final work of the 2021 Creative Fusion video series.

This project is presented by Cleveland Classical Guitar Society in collaboration with the Mexican Committee of Cleveland, and is part of the Creative Fusion program from The Cleveland Foundation.
Este proyecto es presentado por la Cleveland Classical Guitar Society en colaboración con el Comité Mexicano de Cleveland, y es parte del programa Creative Fusion de The Cleveland Foundation.