Educational Outreach Testimonials

Dave Gaglione, Teacher (Luther Memorial School)

I love how playing guitar engaged the boys in music more than ever before…Mr. Satorius was a wonderful teacher, patient, knowledgeable, excited to help the kids learn…Monday’s were my favorite day of the week because I looked forward to guitar class so much!

Tess Buchanan, mother of two CCGS students

My boys have found a strong love of guitar playing through this program. It has brought them a wonderful opportunity we never knew possible!

Missy Beckman, Teacher (Luther Memorial School)

Their experience of accomplishing small-group pieces and then combining each part with the parts of the other groups was so incredible…They learned the value of doing their one small part well because it truly impacted everyone.

Rhonda Harrell, Music Teacher (Luis Muñoz Marín Dual Language Academy)

It is a pleasure watching students not only learn guitar but also become empowered by the guitar in the areas of positive self-esteem, teamwork, and overall musicianship. This program is making a significant impact on my students.

Trisha O'Hara, Fine Arts Coordinator (Citizens Leadership Academy)

CLA is indebted to the Classical Guitar Society for their generosity of time and effort that has meant so much to our student body. The students who have had the privilege of studying classical guitar have learned not only new skills, but also perseverance and patience.

Martez Price, CCGS Education Program graduate

Music makes me better at connecting with people. The Cleveland Classical Guitar Society has given me the chance to play my dream instrument, given me confidence in large groups, and allowed me to explore different ways of being.