Educational Outreach


Learn What CCGS Provides for Guitar Students!


  • Development of skills in all areas of music performance and understanding
  • Hands-on learning on the world’s most popular instrument.
  • A program individually tailored to student needs and levels
  • Classroom ensemble instruction that works for every student at every level
  • School visits by acclaimed guitarists
  • Exciting and engaging performance opportunities.
  • Entry into a life-changing relationship with music

In the video above…
Martez Price, a former student of CCGS Education, talks about his experiences in the program. While a student, Martez became the first Junior Teacher, a position that allowed him to gain teaching experience working in collaboration with CCGS and Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland. Since graduating from high school, Martez has become an assistant teacher for the CCGS Education Program, working alongside CCGS teaching artists in the classroom.

The Cleveland Classical Guitar Society is a member of the artist roster of the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning.