Guitar Technique Sessions


These one-hour virtual gatherings are hosted on Zoom, and are open to guitarists of all levels.
All sessions involve hands-on learning, so have your guitar ready!

If you are interested in participating in any of the techniques sessions, contact us by email ( or by phone (216-905-9348) to receive the Zoom login information plus any pertinent materials for the class. We will take sign-ups until the day before the class.

Sun Oct 11 @ 4 PM
Developing Right Hand Technique

Presented by CCGS teacher Adam Satorius

CCGS’s first Technique Session will be focused on Right Hand posture and efficiency. During this session we will set up and discuss a relaxed playing posture focusing on the right hand setup and relaxed movements, play through exercises to practice these movements and develop “planting” with the right hand, highlight some repertoire where these ideas can be applied (including the famous Villa-Lobos Etude 1), and end with an open discussion where anyone can share their own tips and tricks. Whether these are new ideas or reminders, this session is a great opportunity to connect with each other around our common love (not to mention practice) of the guitar!

Call or email by Oct 10 to receive the login information for this session.


Sun Nov 15 @ 4 PM
Introduction to Fretboard Harmony

Presented by CCGS Director of Education Brian Gaudino

CCGS’s November Technique Session will focus on getting comfortable with notes, intervals, and chords up and down the neck. We will start off with very basic concepts but there will be some optional advanced applications for more experienced players. We will keep things fun and creative by using these concepts to improvise over backing tracks. This session is open to students of all ages and skill levels.

Call or email by Nov 14 to receive the login information for this session.


Sun Dec 13 @ 4 PM
Harmonizing Holiday Songs

Presented by CCGS teacher Andy Poxon

CCGS’s December Technique Session will focus on harmonizing classic Christmas songs on guitar. We will discuss finding a good key, determining the chords, writing a bass line, and coming up with creative chord substitutions. Materials with step-by-step instructions and a few finished examples will be provided to participants in this session.

Call or email by Dec 12 to receive the login information for this session.