Guitar Technique Sessions


These one-hour virtual gatherings are hosted on Zoom, and are open to guitarists of all levels.
All sessions involve hands-on learning, so have your guitar ready!

If you are interested in participating in any of the techniques sessions, contact us by email ( or by phone (216-905-9348) to receive the Zoom login information plus any pertinent materials for the class. We will take sign-ups until the day before the class.

 Sun Jan 31 @ 4 PM
Latin American Rasgueos (Strumming)

Presented by Creative Fusion artist-in-residence Anastasia Sonaranda

CCGS’s January Technique Session will consist of a brief tour of some strumming from various genres of Latin American folklore. We will start off with video examples of great Latin American musicians, followed by a short technical introduction for the right hand. The third part of this workshop will allow for hands-on demonstration and practice of five musical genres representative of Latin American music. Click here for more information about Anastasia Sonaranda.

Call or email by Jan 30 to receive the login information for this session.


Sun March 14 @4 PM
Creative Fingerings

Presented by CCGS teacher Rodrigo Lara Alonso

CCGS’s March Technique Session will consist of developing creativity with melodies on the guitar. We will start off with a review of the notes throughout the fretboard, followed by a discussion of phrasing and timbre aspects when fingering melodies on the guitar, including the concept of campanella. The final part of the workshop will focus on hands-on activities, using some melodies provided by Rodrigo to explore possible fingerings.

Call or email by Mar 13 to receive the login information for this session.


Sun April 11 @ 4 PM
Mindful Relaxation for Guitarists
Presented by CCGS teacher Adam Satorius

CCGS’s April Technique Session will focus on developing a habit of mindful relaxation while playing the guitar. Working brief moments of relaxation into your guitar playing is the most effective way to reduce unnecessary tension and remain free from injury over the long term. It also makes playing the guitar much easier and more enjoyable! We will discuss strategies for noticing bodily tension, separating necessary and unnecessary tension, and incorporating moments of complete relaxation into your playing. We’ll use short exercises and musical excerpts to demonstrate how to find and plan these moments in any piece you are playing.

Call or email by Apr 10 to receive the login information for this session.