One of our central goals at CCGS is to provide opportunities for guitar players in the Greater Cleveland area to learn, play, perform, and connect with other musicians. We work toward this goal through the following great programs.

Open Recitals

Open Recitals provide an opportunity for guitarists of all ages and skill levels to perform for a supportive audience at no cost. We encourage performers to invite friends and family to attend these recitals. Open Recitals are not intended to be professional performances, but rather opportunities for wonderful, enthusiastic people who love the guitar to gain valuable performance experience.

For more details and to sign up for our Open Recitals click here.

Masterclasses and Technique Classes

Masterclasses and Technique Classes are open to the public and free. These classes can take many shapes but are useful for players of varying levels. Whether in person or virtual, CCGS Masterclasses and Technique Classes are taught by a diverse array of world class talent.

For details about Masterclasses click here.

Guitar Orchestras

Guitar Orchestras are a great way for players of all ages and skill levels in the Greater Cleveland Area to learn, play, and perform. Guitar Orchestra sessions are offered each fall and spring. Each session typically includes 10 rehearsals and is capped by a performance.

To learn more about and to register for CCGS Guitar Orchestras click here.

Teacher Directory

If you are a Cleveland area player seeking instruction please visit our directory of local teachers here. If we can help in your music journey in any way please feel free to email us at