Guitar Orchestras

Guitar Orchestras are a great way for players of all ages and skill levels in the Greater Cleveland Area to learn, play, and perform. Each fall and spring CCGS offers three guitar orchestras. 

See below for more information about each ensemble.

(Guitar Orchestra sign up is closed for spring 2022. Please check back and stay tuned via social media or by signing up here for our monthly Community News e-newsletter.)

Join us for a guitar orchestra recital Sunday, May 15 at 3:00, before our 4:00 Open Recital!

For recitals at John Carroll University, please note that although the general campus address is listed as 1 John Carroll Blvd, the recitals are held in the St Francis Chapel. When driving to campus, you can either enter from the main entrance at Warrensville Circle (once you pass the guard gate follow the road to the right and all the way down until it dead ends at the Belvoir lot), or from the Belvoir Rd entrance which leads right into the Belvoir lot. After parking in the Belvoir lot, you’ll enter the building closest to Belvoir Rd, which will say Recreation Complex (or Lombardo Student Center or Natatorium). Enter from the door that faces the parking lot, and follow the hallway to your left until you come to a set of stars that leads down to the chapel.

CLEVELAND GUITAR ORCHESTRArehearsals begin March 6, 2022

The Cleveland Guitar Orchestra has two sessions per year, each with ten scheduled meetings, led by expert director James Flood. Rehearsals for the Fall 2021 session are on Sunday afternoons from 1:45-3:15 PM. This is our most advanced orchestra.

COMMUNITY GUITAR ORCHESTRArehearsals begin March 5, 2022

The Community Guitar Orchestra has two sessions per year with ten meetings each. This ensemble is intended for beginning to intermediate guitarists, teen through adult. Check back for more information regarding the start date for this ensemble.

YOUTH GUITAR ORCHESTRArehearsals begin March 5, 2022

The Cleveland Youth Guitar Orchestra is for teens/kids grades 7-12 (younger students with significant experience may be considered). Rehearsals for this ensemble will resume during the Spring 2022 session beginning in March.

Not sure which orchestra is best for you?
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