As a concert goer, what is proper etiquette?

Generally, it is helpful to use one’s best judgment when attending a CCGS event in order to politely participate. It is important that any electronic devices that could possibly cause a disturbance during an event is shut off (e.g., cell phones, tablets). Additionally, it is important to avoid distracting noises such as candy wrappers.  Coughing and other unavoidable noise is best reserved for the time in between pieces or during intermission (if possible).  Food and beverages should never be brought into the concert hall.

At any classical music concert there are proper times to applaud. Clapping is welcome after every piece performed in a concert. If a piece is made up of multiple movements (small pieces within the larger work), please hold the applause until the end of the entire piece. To identify if a piece consists of movements, look at how it is listed in the program: if a piece has Roman numerals listed below it in the program, then clapping should not take place until after the final movement, or Roman numeral plus d’information.